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It is necessary to take into account the point of view on this topic. Each mounting frame consists of a sequence of still images of photographic or digital still images), on which the phases of movement of the working life. as a general rule, has its.


At the beginning of the century, it was accepted to speak, and, with the exception of the usual meaning of us, this word is reported.


The fields of human activity, linked to the creation and playback of a movie, called, includes an area of application of a film as one of the trends of art created by recording moving images of the surrounding world with cameras, or cameras of digital cinema, and produced from separate images using animation or special effects.


Watching movies is part of the modern culture. The characters of popular movies and actors, their games are often quite famous, and their images are recognizable. Especially for the visualization of mass . Usually, the duration is 90 to 120 minutes (1.5-2 hours). Home for the visualization traditionally used the tv with it connected to the tv, recently, more and more these purposes is the computer, the phone and the tablet

The birth under the form, close to what we can observe now, arrived, when on the Boulevard in one of the rooms has passed the first session.


The first step has been made in the year, when has been invented by the camera obscura.


The second step was done and his friend. he tried to invent the device to animate the drawing. The device was called. The device included a number of successive images. The scientist looked after the decomposition of the movement on the phase (for example, the movement of the man). When he received into the hands of those jobs, he still had a bit before the end.


The third stage took place. It became possible thanks to work. it's an interesting experience. loved the horses, and the stern on the theme, " take out the gallop, the legs of a horse or not." They purchased and placed on each side of the treadmill. In front of them were installed in the cabins, in which are installed the people control the camera. Between the and an enclosure containing a dog kennel has been stretched out of the lace. When the horse went at a gallop and has been provided on the segment, where have been installed the cameras, he struck the foot thread, after what was the trigger of the camera to obtain an image of a phase of movement of the horse. It was the first attempt to spread the movement phase

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